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The Awakened Medium: Suzanne Giesemann's Journey from Navy Commander to Spiritual Bridge-Builder

In a sun-drenched living room, Suzanne Giesemann sits with military-honed posture, her eyes bright and alert. One might mistake her for a retired officer—and they wouldn't be entirely wrong. But the story of how this former Navy Commander became one of the world's most respected spiritual mediums is as unexpected as it is profound.

"I never believed in any of this," Giesemann says, gesturing to the crystals and spiritual texts that now adorn her bookshelves. "I was as skeptical as they come."

Giesemann's journey from the bridge of a Navy warship to the ethereal realms of spiritual mediumship challenges our assumptions about reality, consciousness, and the very nature of existence itself.

Suzanne Giesemann's military career was stellar. Rising through the ranks to become a Commander in the U.S. Navy, she served as a commanding officer and eventually as aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff—the highest-ranking military officer in the United States.

"I was trained to be skeptical, to question everything," Giesemann recalls. "My entire career was built on facts, data, and verifiable information."

This background proved crucial in her later work as a medium, where her emphasis on evidential practices set her apart in a field often criticized for its lack of scientific rigor.

The turning point in Giesemann's life came on September 11, 2001. As the last plane in U.S. airspace that day, she found herself flying over Manhattan, witnessing the aftermath of the attacks firsthand.

"That day changed everything," she says. "It forced me to confront questions about life, death, and the nature of reality that I had never seriously considered before."

The true catalyst for Giesemann's transformation came in the form of personal tragedy. In 2006, her stepdaughter Susan, a sergeant in the Marine Corps, was struck and killed by lightning while on duty.

"It was as if the universe had sent a bolt of lightning through my own life," Giesemann says, her voice softening. "I needed to know if Susan was still... somewhere."

This need led Giesemann down an unexpected path. She began exploring meditation, studying consciousness, and eventually developing psychic and mediumistic abilities.

"I approached it like any military operation," she explains. "I set clear objectives, gathered intelligence, and rigorously tested every hypothesis."

As Giesemann's abilities developed, so did her methods for accessing higher states of consciousness. She developed what she calls the "Bless Me" method—a seven-step process for connecting with what she describes as "higher consciousness."

"B-L-E-S-S M-E," Giesemann explains. "Breathe, Lift, Expand, Surrender, Shift, Merge, Experience. It's a systematic approach to accessing altered states of consciousness."

This method, detailed in her book "The Awakened Way," has helped thousands of people, from grieving parents to spiritual seekers, access what Giesemann calls "the soul's perspective."

What sets Giesemann apart in the world of mediumship is her insistence on verifiable evidence. In one striking example, she recounts a reading where she connected with a young man who had died by suicide.

"I saw him jumping from a bridge," Giesemann recalls. "When I asked which bridge, he showed me the Verrazano Bridge in New York. His mother confirmed this detail, which I couldn't have known."

Giesemann's most compelling evidence often comes in unexpected forms. In one instance, she accurately described the exact work a deceased person's husband was doing at that moment—stripping wires on an RV hitch—information that was later verified.

As the conversation deepens, it becomes clear that Giesemann's work goes far beyond simply proving the existence of an afterlife. Her message is one of profound interconnectedness and cosmic significance.

"We are all part of one unified field of consciousness," she explains. "When you truly understand this, it changes everything. Our petty conflicts, our fears, our sense of separation—they all dissolve in the face of this greater truth."

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of Giesemann's story is her own journey from skeptic to practitioner. She brings a unique blend of military precision and spiritual openness to a field often polarized between true believers and hardened skeptics.

"I understand the skeptics because I was one," she says. "But I also know that there are aspects of reality that go far beyond what our current scientific paradigms can explain."

As the interview concludes, it's clear that Suzanne Giesemann represents more than just another voice in the crowded field of spiritual teachers and mediums. Her journey from Navy Commander to spiritual bridge-builder offers a unique perspective on the nature of consciousness, reality, and human potential.

"We're on the cusp of a new understanding of consciousness," Giesemann says, her eyes alight with enthusiasm. "The implications are staggering—for science, for medicine, for how we live our lives and treat each other."

In a world often divided by conflicting beliefs and ideologies, Giesemann's message is one of ultimate unity. "When you realize we're all expressions of the same cosmic consciousness," she says, "how can you not treat every being with love and respect?"

With the sun setting over the Pacific, we are left with a sense of possibility. Whether one fully accepts her experiences or not, it's hard to deny the power of her message. In bridging the worlds of military service and spiritual exploration, Suzanne Giesemann offers a compelling vision of a more integrated, compassionate, and awakened way of being—a vision that challenges us to question our assumptions, expand our understanding, and perhaps, in our own ways, to make the shift to a more divinely guided life.

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